Harry Campbell’s engagement and active participation with my team of senior leaders was authentic, energizing and over all educational on enabling and preparing for the future of business opportunities. His communication and attitude about real problems and issues helped us to see the potential. My leaders learned both practical general management and leadership skills that they can use in their daily interactions with employees and customers alike. Our motto after meeting with Harry: Get over it, get on with it, and make it a winner will always remind us of the lasting impact Harry had on the success of our team.
— -Patrick Finn, Senior Vice President, US Public Sector Organization, Cisco
Within minutes of first meeting Harry I knew we were kindred spirits. His philosophy on people, leadership, and organizations was in sync with those that I had developed after over 35 years in various companies. What was unique was seeing it from an individual that had ran a multi billion dollar company. Read Harry’s book and become inspired! Listening to him speak will take it to an entirely new level. I’m not sure there’s another one like him.
— -John Wright, SVP of HR, Layne Christensen Company
Harry offered many balanced and realistic ideas about leadership. I cant wait to share his book with up and coming leaders I know! I especially appreciated his attention to “work-life balance” as a leader, which can often be forgotten.
— -Melissa Cotter, Controller, Klauber Machine & Gear Co.
I have attended hundreds of presentations, and Harry Campbell’s presentation was in the top 1%. “Get-Real Leadership” is a 10 on content and delivery. It will be a hit with everyone from supervisors to CEOs. Managers who buy the book and implement his approaches will be more successful both at work and at home.
— -Bill Finnie, President, The Finnie Group
I had the privilege of hearing Harry speak at a breakfast meeting in St. Louis. His message was incredible! His delivery was real, energetic and inspiring! Every business has something to learn from Harry and his get real approach. I would recommend Harry and his book ‘Get Real Leadership’ to anyone that wants to get ahead in business.
— -Tom Swip, President/CEO, Swip Systems Incorporated
Harry’s energy and passion along with his approach to leadership is refreshing. Many of the leadership topics you presented provided clarity for how we are interacting with ourselves, our customers, our management, our directs, our family, and our friends. The whole room was on the edge of their seats! Your charisma and passion reignited the teams’ passion for their jobs and customers - what a great hour! We had learning from one of the greatest leaders of our industry! I am still getting fantastic remarks from all who were in the room.
— -Catherine Reidy, Strategic Opportunity Manager, Sprint Nextel
Harry sums up leadership better than most. His candid and can-do attitude is contagiously fun and understandable. Today I am a better leader through Harry’s wisdom.
— Geoff Hartwig, Treasurer, Hartwig Inc.